Thursday, September 27, 2012

Points of Observation

Classic and restrained solutions to the problem of having large wads of cash laying around. Mostly one dollar bills, I believe, but the display of real money in this gents' store window was provocative nonetheless. Below, additional possibilities for the elegant male.

The late summer sun through the leaves of the fig tree in the backyard; then additional lightplays -- light and shadow on the bathroom wall, with the light breaking apart into a soft prism; and late afternoon light streaming through the empty cavern of what used to be Daffy's at Atlantic Center, downtown Brooklyn.

The interest in this policing device on Lexington Ave., Bed-Stuy,  doesn't wane. I decided to get a closer look, below, at the mechanism and design.

One of the entrances to the Louis Armstrong Houses, where the police surveillance tower is parked. And below, a sign welcoming visitors to the housing block.

I love this Roti catering truck, which has been parked for months behind a fence in a lot near the Bed-Stuy YMCA.

The work continues on the Mark Morris Dance Group mural -- these shots taken a week after the first ones posted on September 21.

An important message about water, Third Ave., Brooklyn.

On Lafayette Street, Fort Greene . . .

and a glittering new bicycle as viewed from the rather filthy window of the No. 38 Bus.

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