Monday, January 12, 2015

How d'ya like your love?

Leftover movie set, Ft. Greene

The best shoes on the subway that day -- clear plastic high-tops

On a tree on Tompkins Ave., just beyond the 79th Precinct House

Across the street there's a small tree guarded by about 24 large rocks

And there's this person sitting on top of a car, Lexington St.

Two young men on Marcy St., Stuyvesant Heights, making specific sartorial statements

A bullet on the window sill of the sun porch

A bullet hole

And another bullet hole

Escape to New Haven CT with everything I need for the weekend.

When I was a teenager, I took pictures that looked just like this.

Pepe's Pizza, New Haven. Worth the trip.

Back in Brooklyn, inside the 79th Precinct, to get a copy of the police report (see bullet holes above).

Trench diggers in the snow, Van Buren Street.

The vestibule of the Duane Reade at Nostrand and Myrtle

At Myrtle and Tompkins.

The catalpa tree on Van Buren near Throop.

At the New Hardee Chinese Takeout on Throop. A-rating from the Board of Health, and very good scallion pancakes.

Aboard the M12 bus on the West Side looking out over the U-Haul Storage place somewhere around 18th Street, Manhattan