Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little snow . . . then oot 'n aboot in Bed-Stuy, Lower Manhattan, & Crown Heights, in that order.

After a few days, the snow turns brown and grey and one is walking in slush.

The Civil Service, a new cafe at Nostrand & Clifton - used to be the Tiny Cup

Complicated visuals on the B38 bus

The  optimism abounds in this unlikely film school scenario on a subway poster. I know... I teach in film school. 

A mural in Crown Heights - Nostrand or Marcy? - somewhere near Halsey.

This shot and the one above from a laundromat in Crown Heights

Ms. Dahlia's Cafe, Nostrand Ave.

A chance to make a few extra bucks.

Now onto Lower Manhattan, where I recently had some business to conduct...
A beautiful old loft building.

Erected 1869. A green metallic facade.
And this small brick gem, sandwiched between two other loft building.

A fire escape with substantial presence . . .

. . . and from below, one can see the dense weight that will bring the ladder down to the ground, if needed

Had to do it. Church Street near Walker.

A window display on Church St. near Canal Street.

Inside one of the loft buildings.

And on to Crown Heights.

Time to go home.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, everybody

Something's different. The old practice of shooting everything is beginning to change.
Searching now for some meaning in these images, whereas earlier,
I was simply looking. Looking is important. It's the first step towards finding.
The Lucky 777 deli on the corner of Throop Ave. and Van Buren St., Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, Dec. 30, 2013
Then on to Von King Park, taking the diagonal walkway towards Greene and Marcy

Next day, Dec 31,  I wake up in Windsor Terrace, and walk past this wreath made of well-worn dusty balls displayed in a window. Styrofoam, I guess.

Then on New Year's Day, after the previous midnight's fireworks in Prospect Park (large, loud, close!), I wake up, we go for a bite at the Windsor Cafe, and I take the G-train home. Past Gowanus, facing eastward. From 4th and 9th, to Smith and 9th, heading north towards Bed-Stuy.

Happy 2014!