Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Van Buren Street 100 Strong Block Association
Dedication of a Plaque Honoring the Family of Sam Quentzel
Healing Old Wounds in Bed-Stuy

In 1986, Sam Quentzel, Bed-Stuy born and raised, was murdered in his driveway on Long Island. Years ago, Sam's father Henry had started a plumbing supply store and warehouse on the corner of Throop Ave. and Van Buren Street. Henry's son Sam took over responsibilities for the business, and today his son Andrew runs the business, still situated on the same corner. 
On May 16, the neighborhood block club honored his memory with the dedication of flower boxes and a plaque with his name, to placed on the building on the corner.

The refreshments are arriving

Block club members begin to set up for the event

The good Reverend arrives

TJ sits it out - she's brought some of her belonging's, having just been evicted from her apartment

Local elected officials have sent their representatives, who say hello to Ms. Vanessa Parker, the Van Buren Street 100 Strong Block Association President
Ann Quentzel, and son, Andrew arrive and say hello to block club members

The Reverend says hello to C. Zawadi Morris, who writes the Bed-Stuy Patch blog

A worker from the Quentzel business rides the fork lift down the block

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz arrives, saying hello to the Reverend and Andrew Quentzel; and Deputy Inspector Peter J. Bartosek, background, has just made the scene

TJ and one of the Quentzel employees, on the sidelines

The Block Association President and Vice President give brief introductory speeches - praise, thanks and blessings all around, which they read from the computer screen

The Reverend officially opens the event with a Christian prayer. I believe the Quentzel family is Jewish. Did the block club overlook this detail?

Cops, borough presidents, sons and wives

The unveiling of the plaque honoring the memory of Sam Quentzel is about to take place

Family and block club members read the plaque

Flowers are presented to Ann Quentzel and the Bed-Stuy Patch asks for a photo

Brooklyn borough President Marty Markowitz says a few kind words about Bed-Stuy, and the Quentzel business, and looks forward to safer streets

Marty Markowitz, close up, makes a point or two

Detective Inspector Peter J Bartosek, Captain of the 79th Precinct, speaks about safer street, the work that cops do, and keeping crime down

City Councilmember Al Van's representative says a few words about Bed-Stuy

State Assemblywoman Velmanette Montgomery's representative says a few words, noting the many brownstones on the block

Cops 'n cupcakes

The representative of a local elected official says a few words

The Quentzel's respond graciously

The owner of Elmy's Special Services, a business that caters to the disabled and which is located at the opposite end of the same block, says a few words, evoking the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s 'I Have a Dream' speech

The Van Buren Street 100 Strong Black Association members

The Reverend closes the event with a prayer

And here is the business - plumbing supplies. A good employer in Bed-Stuy