Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mining the Digital Archive - New Old Photos - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Vermont, and views from a plane

Looking into the Franklin Avenue Shuttle station at Park Place and Franklin Ave, Brooklyn
Then onward to Grand Central Station...

and onward still further...on a propeller plane from New York to Burlington, Vermont on a snowy winter day

Once in Vermont, a meal at the New England Culinary Academy. I'm not sure what this particular dish is called, but it's quite inedible.

My room at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Spare, in a New England kinda way.

And the 19th century main building, College Hall, on the Vermont College of Fine Arts Campus, Montpelier.
A short trip it was, then back to New York, a night flight, and aerial views of Manhattan and Brooklyn as our plane comes in to La Guardia. This view shows the Brooklyn Bridge in the center, lower Manhattan on the right, and Brooklyn on the left. It all makes sense.

Other shots, other winter scenes - sparrows having a quick bite at the bird feeder on the fire-escape, Brooklyn.

And this would be Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, from the window near the elevators.

New York, New York - the intimate and the grand

And the old Rhinecliff train station with the Hudson River just beyond those windows - the passageway to the tracks looks like an airplane hangar - they used to really know how to build things a hundred years ago. Lots of space for floods of passengers.

And myself in shadow, interpreted through what looks like a spray of Fruit Loops on the sidewalk, Brooklyn.