Friday, October 12, 2012

Jimmy-jammin' in Bed-Stuy, Bushwick and around town.

Bus Stop at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, Lafayette St., and below, the bus finally arrives.

Scenes from Bushwick. The After Hours Project Building. Quite nice the way it defines this corner of Broadway and Van Buren. Turns out it's a facility for needle exchange. I remember when AIDS activists fought to make that a city-wide policy.

And next store, a yard with a quonset hut.

The J -M tracks over Broadway.
Equipment and a folding table carelessly parked in front of a 9/11 memorial, Bellevue Hospital Lobby.

Citizens set up their own b-ball net, and it's semi-permanent, having been set in cement.
Bed-Stuy super takes care of the place.

G-Train Station....somewhere....on the way to Church Ave, I believe.

Windows, reflections, and applications.
79th Precinct cadets get to play a little baseball, Von King Park.

Doorway, Von King Park. Below, doorway, Lafayette Ave.

Yellow Deli at Greene and Marcy, Bed-Stuy. And below, a series of cars with sofa cushions over their windshields, also in Bed-Stuy. Pillow cars.

Ugly yet functional -- Prospect Park/15th St. G Station.
I was lost here --- Ft. Hamilton Parkway, and then I noticed that someone had lost something at just this spot. The sign is detailed and gives a very good mental image of the person, a fireman, who lost a bag at this spot.

The finished mural at the Mark Morris Dance Group, Flatbush

At the clinic people wait for an hour or more to see a doctor.