Friday, September 4, 2015

Some stuff I saw.

Jury-rigging continues on the corner of Nostrand and Lafayette Aves. in Bed-Stuy.

White people.  That's honestly the first thought that came to mind when I saw this movie ad.

Two separate technicians from Verizon to repair the copper wires. It takes forever.

Meat. On the pavement in the backyard. Ants and flies. I just read that ants eat a lot at this time of year in preparation for winter hibernation. Ants have to fatten up.

Jay, from Lucha Lucha on Nostrand Ave., where I got a super delicious burrito yesterday.

A funeral banner over the entranceway to the Christian Community Baptist Church at Van Buren and Throop.

This is the best show ever. Mr. Robot. I hope people keep adding their own input to the ads.

Outside the NSA Supermarket at Lafayette and Marcus Garvey.

In line at the Bushwick Post Office. The wait can seem eternal.

In line at the Cadman Plaza Post Office, downtown Brooklyn.

 I noticed the LED display. It's doing a 'millenium countdown,' believe it or not. Notice the day display two photos down. It reads '14 Jan 1998.' I love that no one is fixing this sign.

MTA is using an old subway car to haul trash. I noticed the opened windows and realized that the cars used to not be air-conditioned and on a day like today (90 degrees) people relied on these open windows for the stale air from the underground tunnels to cool them off. Yikes.

There's a horn, too, like a bike horn. What did that sound like?