Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rush hour to Staten Island

It's starts off with spaghetti at Seraghina in Bed-Stuy

... then a coffee at the Tiny Cup on Nostrand Ave., also in fabulous Bed-Stuy

A bus ride from somewhere to somewhere
and a message thrown into the mix of the day on Staten Island

7AM, the day of the snowstorm, I'm walking to the G-train
through the park, on my way to do my work shift at
the Park Slope Food Coop . . .

. . . but first I stop at the Tea Lounge on Union Street, Park Slope, for a quick cup of java
the accidental geometry of my seating choice at the Tea Lounge catches my sleepy eye
time to go - my work shift is about to begin, but first a quick look
at the message board . . . 

later that day, only 9" of snow

another day altogether and my sweet tooth is rabid -
doughnuts and coffee at Dough, Lafayette & Franklin Aves. 

the lounge at the LIRR, Atlantic Terminal
and below, just another shot of the B38 bus stop at
Nostrand and Lafayette, with the G-Line Deli in the background

an ad campaign directed at the Orthodoxy, if I am not mistaken

breakfast, and breakfast a little closer up, below

just broccoli

I went to the Brooklyn Museum to see Duron Jackson's installation,
above, and took a quick look at some of the furniture and paintings
of yesteryear, below,  while I was there

ladies with two heads
and, finally, my 3 hours of meditation at the Zen Center on State Street
is immediately rewarded - this classic car parked across the street
in an audacious shade of green