Sunday, March 9, 2008

Along Grand Avenue, Brooklyn...a new favorite street

Looking southward on Grand from just past Atlantic Avenue...

in yesterday's fog and rain.

On a earlier excursion up Grand Ave., just beginning
to find its charm.

Two big trucks waiting to be bought, each like a large consciousness
held back by a chain link fence. Fears of abandonment!

Just off Grand, on Pacific Street, two tenements left standing,
and a pedicab parked outside.

This gem can be found in a doorway as one approaches Dean Street.

Foggy Day at the Pratt Institute and in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Heading into Clinton Hill, Brooklyn's
famous brownstones looking like a movie set.

St. John's Place in the foggy rain.
The fog seemed to be holding some warmer air.

On the Pratt campus, looking southward
into the fog at the apartments across DeKalb Ave.

Downing Street, a corner of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

I saw this building from the No.48 bus
as it passed by a side street one day, and found it
yesterday on my walk home from the Pratt Institute.

At first I thought there was an area of factories
tucked away behind the brownstones.

Instead there was this building, with an architectural
folly on the roof and an elaborately
jerry-rigged entrance. One gets the feeling
that the construction scaffolding never comes down.

Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

The final snowfall? We haven't had much...
This was Feb 22, around 5PM.
My favorite Storage place.