Thursday, October 29, 2009

New York, Inside and Out (plus one photo from Upstate in Rhinecliff)

The cell phone is allowing me to take pictures without being noticed, so I notice even more than I did before. Everything is subject. The subway platform, above, and the supermarket below, where the workers are wheeling out the old refrigeration unit because the new ones have been installed. I suppose that's a good day at work, if you work there - something new and different to do. The old unit was completely filthy, by the way. Did they never clean it? Even once?

Looking into Katz's Deli on Houston Street, Lower East Side.

Park Place, Brooklyn, in the early evening hours.

The table is set at Chavella's for a little outdoor dining on Classon St., Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
The next two photos were taken from the Express Line (15 items or less) at the Park Slope Food Co-op on Union Street. I think taking these photos and putting them online might be enough reason for them to suspend my membership, but I hope not. That place has a lot of rules but I love it just the same.

On the platform of the No. 4 Train, Yankee Stadium stop, in the Bronx.
And the two below taken from the Q-Train window as it rolls over the Manhattan Bridge at sunset. The cell phone camera completely abstracts certain types of image, which I like.

Pizza parlor on Houston Street, above, and a Metropolitan Transit Authority sign for subway users on the F-Train from Williamsburg.

Looking out on the morning sun...

On the Chinatown Bus from NYC to Baltimore.
And in Baltimore, a bed awaits.

The view from the platform at the Rhinecliff, New York, Amtrak station - the mighty Hudson River.

Unidentified Red Objects.

Only the flag stands still at Grand Central Station.