Sunday, August 23, 2015

Infraordinary New York

corner of Lafayette and Nostrand, Brooklyn

shutters in Soho-Little Italy tell a story of an earlier earlier (19th-C) industrial lower Manhattan 

aboard the Ikea bus to Red Hook, Brooklyn

she broke up with me on the No. 7 train and this is what it looked like

the bride stripped bare by her photographers, at the Brooklyn Museum

a 9/11 memorial display at the Port Authority

the barista spinning tunes at Last Shag, Franklin Ave., Brooklyn

at the Housing Authority, Brooklyn, me and others in search of our rights as tenants in NYC

Cafe Himalaya on First Ave, Manhattan

construction and artworks, First Ave., Manhattan

The fruit stand burned down here at Broadway and Houston, Manhattan

Brooklyn's skyline is a jumble

subway tunnel lighting for workers - beautiful atmospheres exist underground, too