Thursday, June 13, 2013

What the Springtime Looks Like in These Parts

The Pentecostal House of Prayer, and the Lovely Hill Baptist Church (below), Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Some wrappings in Ft. Greene at the Fulton St. B38 - B25 - B26 - B52 bus stop. This park is always closed, but an artist decided to mark off this space, thinking it was an apparently threatened and rare green space in the big city. The only threat is from the numerous rats that live under the park and sometimes come out to visit the folks waiting for the bus. I don't know the artist's name, but he or she is terribly misguided in this endeavor. In my humble opinion. 

Further unauthorized wrappings along DeKalb Ave. near Nostrand.

Then I took a trip to Staten Island for the day. The ferry makes everything moody and provides a good space for daydreaming.

Once on Staten Island, I realized it was SI Gay Pride Day. Who is marching? Is it a big crowd or a small crowd? My guess is that it's pretty small -- and no, I did not stick around for the festivities.

Across the street from Gay Day celebrations is the Everything Goes Book Cafe on Bay Street. A great place, with friendly people behind the counter.

And look at the kinds of houses they're leasing on Staten Island! This is probably the best place to buy a house. Away from beaches, of course.
My favorite deli at the St. George Ferry Terminal. I bought a lottery ticket on my way back to Brooklyn.

Almost home, but this jury-rigged building across from the B38 stop at Nostrand and Lafayette Aves. always interests me. What were they thinking? 

Another day and I'm headed to New Jersey on the Path Train, against the rush hour flow of passengers coming into Manhattan to work. 

The Path Train stops at Newark Penn Station, which is beautifully appointed with deco-era details. The ceiling of the station entrance, below, is awesome.

This monolithic structure is the US Customs House, where I'm headed to get clearance for a few boxes of household goods I had in storage in's a long story. But the building is impressive. 
Inside the US Customs office, waiting for my turn. Not much happening on this day.

The neighborhood between the Customs House and Penn Station - lots of big buildings, making the most of what NJ has to offer.

And, of course, back in Manhattan, just outside the Path Train station is another monolith, the new World Trade Center building. Is it really called The Freedom Tower?