Friday, November 22, 2013

Energy needs a focus, Brooklyn provides a lens (as does a side trip to Manhattan)

a Hallowe'en visit to the vet, unfortunately for the cat (not pictured)

beautiful chickens on Franklin Ave.

the recipe, the seasoning 

a visit to the SECOND vet, since the first one, who is long on decorations was short on effective cat care 

and the cat in question

an ordinary day - trash day!
the flowers - imprisoned, or protected?

autumn leaves, with and without glasses

the trashiest scene on this block of Clifton St. I hate passing this every day

on the way to the subway, and subway stories, below

many exciting treatments on offer at the Dominican hair salon

a quick trip t the mid-Manhattan library reveals strong shadows on an unseasonably warm day

well, what to say? i hate christmas shopping. i hate these little kiosks selling useless junk.
but i like musing on these lines of steel and glass 
balloons, last night, up the block

and this morning, i took a walk

the 77th Precinct, an ugly building at the end of a beautiful park walkway

an accidental shot - perhaps this is how i was really feeling this morning

the Von King Cultural Arts Center, known chiefly for the strong odor of urine that surrounds the building

summer games, a reminder that summer is over and the children that had fun here will be that much older when summer returns in 2013

the watchers

an idea for what the block should look like - just add white people

and what it actually does look like

a sweet old house that could use some TLC

the new deli on the corner. i love these guys.

The Lovely Hill Baptist Church, Throop Ave. betw Lafayette and Van Buren

The Christian Community Baptist Church Inc at the corner of Van Buren and Throop

Quentzel - the plumbing supply store between the two Baptist churches, with beautiful old fittings