Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, everybody

Something's different. The old practice of shooting everything is beginning to change.
Searching now for some meaning in these images, whereas earlier,
I was simply looking. Looking is important. It's the first step towards finding.
The Lucky 777 deli on the corner of Throop Ave. and Van Buren St., Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, Dec. 30, 2013
Then on to Von King Park, taking the diagonal walkway towards Greene and Marcy

Next day, Dec 31,  I wake up in Windsor Terrace, and walk past this wreath made of well-worn dusty balls displayed in a window. Styrofoam, I guess.

Then on New Year's Day, after the previous midnight's fireworks in Prospect Park (large, loud, close!), I wake up, we go for a bite at the Windsor Cafe, and I take the G-train home. Past Gowanus, facing eastward. From 4th and 9th, to Smith and 9th, heading north towards Bed-Stuy.

Happy 2014!