Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'll Take Manhattan...And Brooklyn, Too

A front yard tableau on Park Place near the 7th Ave. Q Train Station

A mysterious staircase at Penn Station, going even further underground.

Richard Meier's new condominium on Eastern Parkway is almost completed, and one hears that Beyonce has bought the penthouse for $1,000,000.
And a great evening spent at The Stonewall Inn on Christopher St. in Greenwich Village.

The next day, I was passing a construction site and decided to go inside and see what they were constructing. Expensive condos in Ft. Greene.

An old car from the early 1970s looks good under glow of streetlights on E. 4th Street, Manhattan's East Village.

The lobby of the Millenium Film Workshop.

On the Q train back to Brooklyn...then
finding a tree on St. John's Place that has been decorated with icons of hope.

A curious red, white and blue architectural scenario - expensive condos going up in Crown Heights.
And this junction of new and old - condos built by Mexican laborers abutting a poor neighborhood church.
When you take the air conditioner out of the window, you may be surprised at what's been living on your windowsill. It could be the largest fly you ever saw.

Down the street...
and into Prospect Park, about a week and a half ago, when Indian Summer gave us a few warm sunny days.

There was a tree like this across from our house in Lancaster, PA when I was growing up. I don't know the name, but we called it an Indian Pipe tree.

Back to Lower Manhattan.

A row of townhouses on E. 28th Street, on the way from the No. 6 Train to Bellevue Hospital for some 'scripts.

Once again, the Richard Meier building, which I am beginning to like.

Day laborers waiting for a work assignment on Washington Ave. This is the first time I've seen this outside of California, but I know it's fairly common. Maybe I should join them tomorrow.

The next few are from the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn.

The goddess only knows where this lobby exists. Lower Manhattan, most likely.