Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 23: Art Faculty protest union busting by The New School (click here for full story)

The New School fired 42 of its fine arts faculty and "wishes you well in your future endeavors."
So the faculty fought back, contacting ACT-UAW Local 7902 to set up a picket to protest the mass firings, and to work on getting part-time faculty organized.
The signs were colorful, having been made by artists, and the demo was lively and upbeat, thanks to the accompanying jazz band. See movies below.

Times Square, one recent balmy evening

Bank of America's glowing lobby - do we the people own this bank yet?

B of A's lonely security staff...surrounded by all that money...

Big screen instructions on how to use the ATM, which is quite red.
Then down the road there's a crowd watching a game at a tourist bar.

But saving the best for last, as I am about to enter the neon luminance of the 42nd St./Times Sq. subway stop one fishnet-clad mini-kilted commuter decides to give us a show for free.

Enough of that nonsense... time to head home.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Several scenes...

Brooklyn: ambulette breaks through an iron fence and crashes into an apartment building
causing damage to a couple of bicycles along the way.
No one hurt, but someone thought to represent the accident with a display of crutches at the scene.

And a restaurant in Tribeca, seized by the State of New York for non-payment of taxes. Another casualty of the financial meltdown, most likely.

And a crack'd mirror at a gallery in Chelsea, Good Friday.
Then it's uptown to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine for a little penance. But first, the very scary statue, titled Fountain of Peace, by Greg Wyatt, in the Children's Garden at the Cathedral .

And then inside the Cathdral, the crucifix draped in purple, and a few souls gather to hear the jazz band, and to think about things now that winter has finally passed. Some to pray. But to whom?