Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to Manhattan

Brooklyn, land of wonder

A view looking into Crown Heights from the Franklin Ave. Shuttle, on the way to the train to the plane. Then, at JFK.

Waiting for the A-train, on my way back home. A short trip, indeed.

Mr. Softee asked me to not take pictures, but I did manage this snap. Top secret ice cream.

Unidentified folding object, Washington Ave., seems to be waiting for someone.

Sometimes Brooklyn just means beer.

7th Ave at Park Place for the Q and B trains.

A stroll down 5th Ave, Park Slope, for some serious brownstone action.

Urban blight, urban urging, urban gardening

Came across this unfortunate scene on Grand Avenue, Brooklyn.

What's behind the fence - lotsa trash that I swear was 'moving' as in possibly rodents running throughout. A rat runs through it!

What's also behind the fence - an overgrown lot below street level.

And from this point of view, I'd say the whole thing is going to fall over any day now.

And in the next block of Grand, some encouragement to take part in the democratic process.

Right in front of Tom's Restaurant, favorite pancake hangout of cops and hipsters, a tiny tomato patch.