Sunday, October 4, 2015

various things of varying circumstances

Laurie's shoes
I thought this lineup of objects at the corner of Lafayette and Marcy Aves, right here in Bed-Stuy, was an art piece. But I passed the same corner yesterday and there were more objects, lined up, but there were also people lined up, with bags and carts - it was a line for free food for the needy, and the objects lined up so carefully, it turns out, are placeholders - if you want to keep your place in line, put something there. Then the people left and the objects remained. 

chaos and order in the G-train station at Bedford Nostrand
two 'fear of heights' movie posters in the subway

last rays of summer in stripes of all stripe at the Brooklyn Flea, Lafayette and Vanderbilt

Throop Food Market re-opens months after a fire gutted the place.  
Roma Pizza on 7th Ave in Park Slope with a painting of Spike Lee in the window.
We all know what happened to Sal's Pizza in 'Do The Right Thing,' don't we?

Lucha Lucha, Nostrand Ave at Clifton Place, Brooklyn
Sept. 11. It's not the moon, it's the memorial in light to the people who died on 9/11,
seen here at the corner of Lafayette and Nostrand Aves, Brooklyn
crowded subway train

Police in kilts, and lined up for funeral ceremony on Lafayette between
Nostrand and Marcy Aves.. Brooklyn

sunset on Van Buren Street, Brooklyn
this is the view from the picnic table I was lying on - pure relaxation.

street art, Clifton Place, Brooklyn
solar-powered bike station, Greene Ave at Nostrand.
Mural at the same corner

bullet hole in the garage window of the 79th precinct, Greene Ave. 

a bird feeder and a decorative flower graces this tree on Tomkins Ave., Brooklyn
what it is
street art, Clifton Street near Franklin Ave., Brooklyn 

On the Bowery in Manhattan - I used to take pictures like this

the crowd waits to exit the Staten Island Ferry 

doorway on Throop Ave north of DeKalb, Brooklyn
sorry, tree

Sugar Hill Supper Club on Nostrand Ave near DeKalb
the ugliest graffiti I've ever seen, Nostrand Ave.

These four pictures (above) are from the pizza and chicken place on Nostrand Ave between Lafayette and Clifton. The guy who works there is playing surveillance footage from the previous day, which shows a full-on fight that lasts many minutes. Gang b-s, most likely.
I don't know what or where this is, but I like it 

hand-crafted detailing on a cement corner,  Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn
mural on Tomkins Ave. - weird thing is, she looks exactly like someone I know

aboard the Staten Island Ferry

back at Lucha Lucha - hooked on their California-style burritos 

Von King Park at dusk
At the Jay Street subway station, Brooklyn
I saw this guy at Atlantic Terminal - he was burdened by carrying something bulky in every pocket and also by having attached additional things to himself - wrapping things around his legs, for example. I was walking behind him. He didn't always use the crutches and I guessed that it wasn't his legs or feet that were troubling him. I wish him the best of luck, peace and quiet, and an end to his restlessness.
Picasso sculpture with interacting reflection
another moment of reflection, MoMA