Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some pictorial notes from here, there, and elsewhere

Coming into the evening from below the terrain - leaving the No. 2/3 train subway station and exiting onto Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn

Stately Eastern Parkway. Costs a bundle these days to live here.
Bland food from Switzerland: macaroni and cheese with potatoes, and potato-leek soup.
Macaroni and cheese with potatoes and ketchup.
Stairway to the stars - or, stairway at Rafik's video dubbing house, Broadway, Manhattan
The lobby of the Spanish Museum, Morningside Heights, on a rainy day.
Moving day. From the window of the Chinatown bus, before we depart for Philadelphia. Round-trip to Philly: $15.00. Cannot beat that.
An offer for gentlemen from a lady - a discreet message on the top of a taxi. Chinatown bus heads to the Holland Tunnel.
All too soon, we're in Philadelphia. Where there's still room to grow, apparently.
Ok. That was Philly, and now the bus is heading back to Chinatown through the streets of New York.

Then off to Coney Island on the Fourth of July.