Thursday, April 3, 2014

Winter into Spring, NYC (+1 left over from Reykjavik)

Have I posted this Reykjavik hotel room yet?

19th century woodframe house on Lafayette Ave, Ft. Greene

Another bus stop, late winter

Bellevue Hospital lobby, a busy place

Taxi collides a bit with a van, Chelsea

from the G-train, on the way to 4th and 9th - the tail end of snow days

My office is, literally, a file cabinet drawer. Hmmmm - not great.

A semi having difficulty negotiating a too-narrow turn, Tompkins Ave., Bed-Stuy

The action is in the center of this photo - cops in an unmarked car talking to a person of interest

The mist rises from the last snowfall of the season. Birds already twittering.

Scenes from the Jane Hotel, West Village. Below, Alex A. reads naughty poetry in the bar.

After fun at the Jane Hotel, I walk up the west side past this late-night gas station. All the partiers make a pit stop here before heading back to the subway on 14th St.

After midnight, at 14th St., on the L-line, the workers clean up.

This is a cat.

A few scenes from our beloved Bushwick

And then on Atlantic Ave, Bklyn, the Brooklyn Detention Complex, i.e. prison, smack in the middle of a neighborhood that is being gentrified very quickly

Directly across from the Brooklyn Detention Comples, gentrification in progress as we speak.

Scenes from a college classroom

The first "warm" day - everyone relaxed here at Lafayette and Fulton Streets, Bklyn

Me and my shadow

This is a sewing machine

A few scenes from the "X" train to 9th Avenue - the conductor's cabin, above

At MoMA, the artwork has arrived

Not a favorite bus stop - the B52 stop at Gates and Throop Aves, Brooklyn

From the F-train platform, Fulton Street, Bklyn

Jennifer Doyle reading at Hullabaloo Books, Crown Heights - Adult Contemporary reading series!

Jennifer Doyle and Svetlana Kitto

Wayne Koestenbaum was there, too

and so was Katie Brewer-Ball

wheels 'n circles

Late night walk home through crown Heights into Bed-Stuy

Artwork on Lafayette Ave., across from the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Energency cart, Bellevue

This is a sewing machine, East Williamsburg

Sand depot, East Williamsburg

Minimum security prison, center of photo, at the top of Central Park. A nice view of the park for white collar criminals.

And nearby, another view of the park from the 12th floor, 5th Ave.

The cops have a way of turning certain neighborhoods into prison yards. Welcome to Harlem!