Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Summer into Fall . . . Forgive the Lapse

The language of trees (in the city, that is...)

Beautiful Bushwick

Williamsburg from the deck of the East River Ferry

I meant to leave this one out.

India Street, Greenpoint - serious and impressive masonry - the Astral is thoroughly grounded

Walking down Delancey Street after Ellen Cantor's memorial extravaganza, I came across this display.

An old synagogue, Lower East Side

Sad about Ellen's death. Everything looks hazy and it's hard to focus.

Back in Bed-Stuy, the grown-ups are turning on the fun for the kids.

post-its in living color

the top door

James Turrell's lit corner

at the Vegan shoe store on Orchard Street

A house in Fort Greene with a message for passersby

The meek shall inherit the earth. Waiting on line at the arthritis clinic.

Bushwick once again, near Woodhull Hospital. You never want to find yourself at Woodhull.

Edward Hopper light on Nostrand Avenue

A flower arrangement by Jamie Chan

One cat watches from the sidelines whilst another cat gets a meal.

September 11, 2013

Realist abstraction