Friday, December 25, 2015

Good Morning, Boerum Hill (my new neighborhood)

This is my favorite building in the new neighborhood, so far. I wouldn't mind living here. All those windows!
The Autocephalous Church, Atlantic Ave.
Atlantic Ave. Pub, closed on Christmas morning.
But the bagel place is open!

At the tail end of Atlantic Ave, there's the Port Authority of Brooklyn
And across from that is entrance to the piers

Manhattan, through the fog
The northern tip of Governor's Island
The Staten Island Ferry making its way towards Whitehall

on the walk back from the piers to Boerum Hill
On Hicks St. near Joralemon, two carriage houses. I'll take both of them, please.
Coffee, pizza, beer - all kinds of food to eat in or have delivered. the possibilities are endless on Atlantic Ave.
An Italian meat place on Atlantic - the light just wasn't right to capture the actual inside of the store but rather got everything else instead.
I could live here, too, if they asked me to. On State Street near Bond.