Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And Gets!!!

New Year's Day, Times Square Station - what a difference a couple of hours makes

cool shoes - if you can't stare at people's faces on the subway, you can definitely stare at their footwear

Sunshine came softly, but from where? This is in the Nevins St. Station

Where I went for my Columbia University ID. No, I'm not a student there.

A small corner of the Staten Island Ferry

I want to go to the movies but there's nothing here I haven't seen or don't really want to see.

Microscope Gallery, Bushwick. The aftermath of a performance by Lary 7

Lay 7's audience

Joel Schlemowitz cannot put that 16mm camera down!

Lary 7 meets his audience

This is Pete, the owner of Jo's Juice on Bedford, the best juice, smoothie and salad place in Bed-Stuy. Nay, in all of Central Brookyn.

I'm obsessed with both the wrongness and the rightness of this sign. Mix or Match!

The Baptist Church at the corner of Third Ave & Schermerhorn, where all kinds of people go when they are on their way up from under. The greeters who stand outside on Sundays are always really nice there, too!

The wheel reinvented a couple of times, Flatbush and Lafayette Aves.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Taking the new with the old (neighborhoods, that is)

It's this guy, again, at Nostrand and Lafayette...
accompanied today by a holy lady
last night in Bushwick
the new neighborhood, downtown Brooklyn/Boerum Hill has this gigantic fruit stand - it seemed to go on for an entire block
and then in BookCourt, the bookstore on Court St, I spied Eileen's book on a table of 'suggested titles'
Atlantic Ave. races into the future, except for this place, Hank's Saloon, at Third Ave and Atlantic

The Notorious B.I.G. honored here at Lexington & Bedford
and I needed a ticket, fast, to take care of the Christmas blues
somewhere in Bed-Stuy someone has an idea about governance
This is what it looks like when you get on the train at rush hour, going in the wrong direction - lots of space, and a few sleepy people. Everyone else is on the other train, going into Manhattan.
the possibilities are endless
looking through a hole in the sky, Barclay's Center
the construction never stops here on Flatbush Avenue
But I love that this small building persists in reminding us of what the neighborhood used to be about
these good people are in search of decent affordable housing for everyone in NYC, kept behind barriers - a police tactic that everyone now accepts, creating distance between freedom of speech and the person the speech is intended for, in this case, the Mayor
while these good people are waiting to get into the press conference being held by the Mayor where he will speak to the issue of affordable housing
since I moved, my commute takes me to the heart of the financial district before heading for the Staten Island Ferry
Lafayette Ave at Nostrand. The importance of a central theme communicated through symmetry
A storefront in Ridgewood near my storage space fascinates me, draws me in. I will go in next time just to satisfies my curiosity.
this is it - the last hour of the last day as I moved from my old place in Bed-Stuy to the temple in Boerum Hill

Friday, December 25, 2015

Good Morning, Boerum Hill (my new neighborhood)

This is my favorite building in the new neighborhood, so far. I wouldn't mind living here. All those windows!
The Autocephalous Church, Atlantic Ave.
Atlantic Ave. Pub, closed on Christmas morning.
But the bagel place is open!

At the tail end of Atlantic Ave, there's the Port Authority of Brooklyn
And across from that is entrance to the piers

Manhattan, through the fog
The northern tip of Governor's Island
The Staten Island Ferry making its way towards Whitehall

on the walk back from the piers to Boerum Hill
On Hicks St. near Joralemon, two carriage houses. I'll take both of them, please.
Coffee, pizza, beer - all kinds of food to eat in or have delivered. the possibilities are endless on Atlantic Ave.
An Italian meat place on Atlantic - the light just wasn't right to capture the actual inside of the store but rather got everything else instead.
I could live here, too, if they asked me to. On State Street near Bond.