Monday, April 20, 2009

Several scenes...

Brooklyn: ambulette breaks through an iron fence and crashes into an apartment building
causing damage to a couple of bicycles along the way.
No one hurt, but someone thought to represent the accident with a display of crutches at the scene.

And a restaurant in Tribeca, seized by the State of New York for non-payment of taxes. Another casualty of the financial meltdown, most likely.

And a crack'd mirror at a gallery in Chelsea, Good Friday.
Then it's uptown to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine for a little penance. But first, the very scary statue, titled Fountain of Peace, by Greg Wyatt, in the Children's Garden at the Cathedral .

And then inside the Cathdral, the crucifix draped in purple, and a few souls gather to hear the jazz band, and to think about things now that winter has finally passed. Some to pray. But to whom?