Saturday, September 15, 2012

1) On the street in Brooklyn and Manhattan; 2) at Ikea in Red Hook; 3) on the G-train, overlooking the glorious Gowanus

An Avenue B realtor gives itself a way too literal name . . .

. . . and it looks like you're expected seal the deal while displayed in the front window. I actually like this shot because it has many levels of looking directly and being reflected, including a shadowy one of my own stance as I take the picture

On Ave. B there's a tiny, elegant bird bath set in stone.

The black and white bathroom at Participant Inc.

Another storefront reception area, Ave. B.

And the magazine and candy stand at the Delancey St. Station

Late night ride home, Fourth Ave., Brooklyn

In front of the house there's a fire engine, and the whole street turns red.

On Lexington St., Bed-Stuy, the police have set up a surveillance tower. Artist Duron Jackson referred to this as a process of defining an entire neighborhood as a prison -- a portable prison, as it were. Just add watch towers.

A house on Quincy Street, Bed-Stuy, that has seen a few too many modifications in the style, function, and perspective of its architecture. May be really great from the inside, however, with a tower, a second-story deck, and a bay window in back.

A red house and red stairs and the red and black flag of Trinidad and Tobago, also on Quincy Street.

I walked behind this man on Marcus Garvey, minding my own business, until I caught sight of his t-shirt, which spells out a litany of names of those who have gone before.

This one is from last fall, a shot from an Occupy Wall Street demo that got lost in a folder in a folder. 

This is not my grandmother looking through my library in my loft space, but rather a shopper at Ikea condsidering the same set of Billy bookcases that I and thousands of others are also considering.

The check-out line at Ikea, above, and bins of impulse items, below.

Returning from Ikea, the bus takes us through Gowanus, and I catch a glimpse of the train that I want to get back to Bed-Stuy, high on the horizon.

From the G-train, on a beautiful day, an elevated view over Gowanus.