Monday, October 1, 2012

Brooklyn, Queens, and Life Underground

I came home yesterday to this large sign hanging from the roof. What's goin' on?

This explains it nicely. I joined in and made calls to Michigan on the President's behalf.

The corner of 45th and Jackson, Long Island City, Queens
And a Mexican Restaurant in Williamsburg.
The jury-rigged house on the corner of Nostrand and Lafayette Aves., Brooklyn, and below, a small rat transports a large fragment of pizza crust across the subway tracks (sorry for the blurriness -- camera was just not up to shooting an action scene in low light).

At the NY Art Book Fair, Dr. Laurie Weeks reads from her recent essay about Nicole Eisenman's work. Great, and gorgeous, as usual. 

Views out the window. Sometimes it's good to stare out a window whilst being read to.

A $20,000 book and the NY Art Book Fair.

The book can only be opened by an expert.
A sample page from the $20,000 book -- all glitter -- with a dark slice of my shadow running up the center.