Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Foggy morning in the park

The block ahead -- soft, wet, and misty -- perfect early fall weather
I follow my neighbor into the park where people are working out, jogging, going to school, going to work

Misty morning glories by the playing field
Here's another of those Freudian views of a pathway through rows of trees


If you stand still long enough, the squirrels stop running away, and some become downright curious...

the last of the roses at Lafayette and Tompkins

The Christian Brothers visit the park

On my way home, I pass the 79th Precinct...never far away; and below, the One Kiln Community Farm on Greene Ave., a relative newcomer to the 'hood.

The snack trucks line up at the Greene Deli, which is run by these really nice guys from Yemen, who have informed me that Yemen is beautiful and green.