Friday, May 11, 2012

A trip to see artist & former Situationist Jacqueline de Jong at Boo Hooray Gallery, Canal Street, NYC

For the first time in History there's a busker at the Bedford-Nostrand G-Train Station, signalling the official arrival of hipsters to a deeper part of Bed-Stuy.
On arrival at the Boo Hooray Gallery, 265 Canal Street, NYC, a few guests already there, and Ms. de Jong (center, in Black), perusing the show of her work. She is the editor of the magazine on view, The Situationist Times, 6 issues produced in Paris from 1962 to 1967.

A film plays in the corner - Situationists!

Painting on plastic. These I loved.
The gallery's filling up...
...and Ms. de Jong takes a seat by the mic.

She'd been expelled, or perhaps she quit the Situationist International!

Some pages from The Situationist Times (1962 - 1967)

The hallway outside the gallery, above, and below, the elevator to street level.