Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bed-Stuy, the G-Train, and other 'nothers

A bus shelter with information about the relationship of the police to the community they are entrusted to serve.
The view, below, from the bus shelter, is of the police surveillance tower that's been installed at this corner (Gates and Marcy Aves., Bed-Stuy) for weeks.

Half-way down the block from the police surveillance tower, in front of the Louis Armstrong  housing projects, is a memorial to a lost child. The bible on the ground is opened to Deuteronomy -- the ten commandments. Thou shalt not.
And on another corner there's an older mural dedicated to a host of fallen comrades painted on the side of a corner deli.

The shopping basket of the homeless person who is sitting at the other end of the bench in the subway station, while I was waiting for the A train.
The homeless man was sleeping with one eye open and when I turned my head I realized he had his eye on the policeman, below, who was standing on the stairs nearby.

Once on the train, everyone was treated to daring acrobatics. My camera isn't fast enough to capture the performance, but you get the idea.... 

Then uptown, a display at Brooks Brothers invokes a boring, ordered, vanilla existence. But what's behind the velvet curtain?

Finally made it home again, only to find the Fire Department in front of the house.
It makes a colorful flickering flick.