Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goodbye to 2014

This house is on Driggs Ave. in Williamsburg. The intense dedication to the cartoonish pebble stucco covering every part of every surface is what stopped me dead in my tracks. 

Incidental/accidental subway artwork at the Bedfored-Nostrand G-train station.

Depressed, looking out the window of the M15 going uptown to the clinic at Bellevue for my appointment, with Beth Israel Hospital in the near distance, the location of earlier trauma.

Yes, depressed, and in that state, this is what Ess-a-Bagel looks like. Not really very inviting, but who knows? I sure don't.

Another day. Symmetry appears.

The term is "suffragist," everyone.

Aboard the B38 as it makes its way down Lafayette Ave.

On Dekalb Ave. near Throop, I found that I am fed up with this kind of thing...

...and with the trashing of the space that it inspires, if we can use that word here.

At least there's a decent Chinese take-out on the corner.

On Tompkins Ave. at Lafayette, looking down the block towards Myrtle Ave., where Officers Ramos and Liu were murdered.

Then, on Fulton Street, the metrocard and coffee cup tree appeared.

In the West Village, where the mayor has the streets cleaned regularly for the decent folk, I found myself on this rather nice corner of Bedford on a rainy evening.

Now I'm in the spirit of the season. In a small quiet way and without any noise.

These two from the Bushwick Post Office on Broadway.

Outside the P.O. it has begun pouring. And the J/M El has allowed for a small waterfall to appear, for the enjoyment of passersby.

The 77th Precinct Station House at Greene and Tompkins Ave. with the flag at half-mast.

This little house on Lafayette Ave. near Tompkins used to be neat, trim, and brightly painted. What happened?

Empty lot on Lafayette where intrepid souls tried, last year, to create a community garden. A woman living across the street from the lot, who claimed to work for the Housing Authority or some such agency, "reported them" and they were forced to stop. My housemate was one of the people working on this garden. It could've been nice!

So, these are the houses across the street. Which one belongs to the lady who prefers empty lots that attract garbage and rats to a well-tended community garden? I guess she had her reasons.

And just down the block, still on Lafayette Ave. near Throop, the recycler is going through the bins in front of this new boxy modern apartment building. These buildings are replacing the traditional brownstones and small single family houses that once lined the street.

Just another lot ripe for community gardeners, also on Lafayette Ave.

Turn the corner and go north on Throop to find this modern building that houses a food bank. I see people lined up here regularly with their boxes, tote bags and shopping carts.

Just past Kosciusko on Throop is the new CSA place, Nextdoorganics. This is where I get most of my food these days. And it's a sign of gentrification, too, wouldn't you say? But the neighborhood uses it - lots of people get their food here. $20 for a big bag of produce.

Next door to Nextdoorganics - another invitation to further gentrify Throop Ave.

And the new coffee shop next to that...

...and the wine store next to that. I'm happy with these changes. Should I be? I just have to walk 2 blocks to get the freshest and cheapest produce in town, and to pick up a decent bottle of wine for $10.

This is where it ended.

Some place.

Buds on the mimosa trees in December.

Said tree.

Dangling conversation. Yesterday evening, after the movie and a quick jaunt to Court Books on Court Street, I came across an odd pairing - a solid white bicycle parked near this NYPD object - I think the arms stretch out and extend up so that the lamps can just light up everything like a Christmas Tree, or worse. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eric Garner/Michael Brown Demo, Rockefeller Center, NYC

After having dinner with my family on E. 50th Street, I came across this tiny but vocal demonstration. The small group crossed from one corner to the next, walking in a square pattern at the intersection at 50th St. and 5th Avenue. Each time they reached a corner, they chanted loudly and then stepped off the curb, crossing the street to the next corner. Over and over again. There were more cops than demonstrators and more tourists than both combined.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Walking along Van Buren, Tompkins, Myrtle and Throop early last Sunday morning

Heading west on Van Buren.
An old red brick apartment building with a few nice details in a state of disuse. Tompkins Ave.

Deli on Myrtle Ave.

Deli on Throop Ave. near Willoughby

Heading south on Throop, approaching Lafayette
The last word.

Since then, Ferguson, Staten Island, and the rest of the whole damned militarized country

Rally at Foley Square, NYC, last Thursday. Lots of really good people there.