Monday, June 23, 2014

Renovated and Re-opened, Smith & 9th Streets F / G Station, Glorious Gowanus / Red Hook, Brooklyn

The new metallic facade of the Smith and 9th Street Station

The sky was the best shade of blue and the clouds were bright, creating patterns that rivaled all of the activity on the streets below. Clouds and sky activated a parked car, below. Reflections on reflections.

A little drama - a silver bubble!

Station interior - complicated angles, lots of light, and in the lower corner you can catch a glimpse of Fathom Points + Compass Bearings, artwork by Alyson Shotz (2013)

The view from inside the silver bubble.

From the platform, you can see scaffolding, nets, and other signs of work still in progress.

And from other windows on the platform, you can see the Gowanus Canal, with downtown Brooklyn and the Williamsburgh Bank Building on the horizon.