Saturday, June 20, 2015

Word on the street, my friend

the goings on at the B38 bus stop, Fulton St. & Nevins/Flatbush

once on the bus, a glimpse out the window gives me a whole new canvas

while inside, the person next to me is going to get rich quick
Abdul Food Corp. at Van Buren & Marcus Garvey

New Hardee, my favorite Chinese takeout at Throop & Koskiusko, was rammed into one night by a speeding car, which then burst into flames, destroying the whole building. I'm told everyone made it out unscathed.

apparently legal wiring, Clifton Place nr. Bedford Ave.

another zen moment

This is what happens when you wait for hours over a period of days for Verizon technicians to fix your wireless - nothing at all except a bunch of big guys climbing a pole and doing absolutely nothing to get the wireless working again.

the Gowanus Canal Superfund site, situated in the middle of Brooklyn, thank you very much Exxon
rush hour subway 
a preacher spreading the news about Jesus on the B38 bus ...

and a distraught rider who doesn't seem to know where his stop is

and the preacher and the distraught rider eventually vie for the same aisle space

across the street from the house where I live