Saturday, June 27, 2009

On the road in Milan, Trento and Bolzano...

Trento, the Palace of the Archbishop, a musem...and other pics from Trento follow...

And on to Bolzano. On a bridge above the Adige River, bikes cut loose, but locks remain.

Then an education in Fascist-era Architecture. Not pretty, nor graceful - compare to the few images of Renaissance Architecture from Trento, above.

Then on to Milan, where one does one's penance at the Duomo.
The Flayed San Bartolomeo by artist Marco d’Agrate dates from 1562. A truly remarkable statue, as the Saint appears with his skin draped around him.

Then on to more of the details, the artwork and the architecture of the cathedral.

A sarcophagus of the De Medici's, and below, a confessional.

The Baptismal font

A reliquary of St. Sebastian, and then the cathedral's exterior.

La Scala...then from the sublime to the sublimely ordinary - shop windows of a door store on the Viale Lombardia, Milan.

On the Metropolitana.