Sunday, November 29, 2015

November remembers

inside an inside door, some subway station or other

on the R-train, someone uses a seat as a teacup

then on the G-train platform, cops arrest someone for fare evasion and I have to act as witness less something else goes wrong

the Brooklyn Technical High School lets the kids out, Fort Greene

wall of photographs of Bed-Stuy residents installed outside 'Sincerely Tommy' clothing store, Tompkins & Monroe Aves.

pizza box in the trash - first time I've seen the Twin Towers replaced by the new WTC in a NY business logo

two statements of coordinated footwear & pants

nearly full moon rises at Franklin & Lafayette Aves

sorry, but I saw a Death's Head

ah...that's the full moon over Van Buren Street
symmetry with scant attention paid to aesthetics

in Ridgewood, Queens - I'm drawn to this place by their signs

sunset over Nostrand Ave.