Monday, December 1, 2008

Oot 'n Aboot

The Grace Building on 42nd Street, just a block or two from Times Square. I love this building.
The Grace Building lobby getting prepped for the holidays.

And at Time Square, the spectre looms.

Then later, as one approaches one's apt. building...
one notices that Guss, the super, has been hard at work.

I went to an art opening one evening, but found this couch and fire hydrant arrangement to be of greater interest - East Village.

Having a few at the local, Soda, on Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn

This arrangement on Park Place, Brooklyn, persists - persistence is everything.

Morning coffee and breakfast at Tom's Restaurant, Washington Ave., Brooklyn - the haunt of cops and hipsters alike.

Lower Manhattan

Old fashioned NYC coffee shop and bar across from Grand Central Station.

Then back to Brooklyn for some accidental symmetry...

and the purplish rock-like creations of Brooklyn artist Rudy Shepherd.

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