Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buildings, Situations + Close-ups, NYC + BKLYN: My 100th Posting

Cleopatra's Needle, Central Park, behind the Metropolitan Museum.

A translation of some of the hieroglyphs etched on a stone beneath the obelisk:
"(The Son of Ra, Thutmose) may he live for ever."

Sometimes one may get the wrong train and end up at a station like this one, Smith & 9th Sts., Brooklyn. Feels like the ends of the earth, the back of beyond.

The cops seem to be testing an indiscreet surveillance unit on Washington Ave., Brooklyn.

Recycling night, Lafayette Street, NYC.

And directly across the street, the pink and ocher glow of the back of the 19th C. Grace Church Cathedral.

Lobbies, noted.

And this beautifully decorated column on a building near the Public Theater, Lafayette St., NYC.

A shop display, Lafayette St., late at night; below, parking New York style.

Street art, Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

And further over, in Clinton Hill, a statement of hope.

The clock on the Virgin Megastore at Union Square. What the hell time IS it?

War is Over! in Manhattan, too.

Store window display of old irons.

And a heavily impastoed ad site in the F train station.

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