Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ground Zero, then off to Bklyn - Washington Avenue and Grand Avenue

Went one day looking for the old tourist marker - the pre-9/11 marker - but it had just been removed for safe-keeping. Being there was strange. I felt like crying, which I didn't anticipate. There's nothing much to see at ground zero.

Back to civilized Brooklyn, and a laundrymat (that is OPEN) with a curious display of plant life in the window.

This favorite building on Washington Ave. posted on February 5, but the rock's been moved from the front of the building to the side. Wonder what's going on with the rock?

Found along Grand Avenue near Gates - a square trash can with a round lid.

The pedicab from previous post March 9, now parked on Bergen Street at Grand.

A block away from my favorite giant yellow storage place at Atlantic and Washington is this orange and blue one, at Atlantic and Grand. I somehow like it a lot less than the yellow one. It's less enthusiastically emblazoned with signage. More business-like, less cartoon-like.

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