Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Day in Manhattan

Urban symmetry at Hudson and W. 14th Street. I always liked this building. I took a writing class here once with the fabulous Laurie Weeks.

W. 14th Street Meat Packing, MePa for all you shoppers out there.
W. 14th Street is becoming gentrified in a scary way - designer shops replace streets that felt safe to certain street-roaming types. Now they just feel expensive, i.e. not so safe.

Further uptown a bit, on W. 21st St. in Chelsea, there is a curious building that has many balconies, all closed in with wire fencing and bamboo-looking shades. Altogether unattractive, but attractive just the same.

Sometimes one feels the urge for complete symmetry. In that situation, go to Grand Central Terminal.

A busker at the Delancey Street F subway stop. I should've caught more of the performance, but got just enough to give you an idea of how calming his playing was on the crowd waiting for the train.

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