Monday, August 17, 2015

On the Staten Island Ferry early this summer, then on to Ridgewood, Queens

Here's a job for you - working at the Liberty Cafe aboard the Staten Island Ferry

Coast Guard boat with automatic rifles - ever since 9/11

these guys were trying to sneak a smoke but I wouldn't let them

approaching Staten Island through the fog

NYPD harass one black guy. I witness. It goes nowhere, fortunately.

tourists waiting to exit the Ferry so they can turn around and ride it back to Manhattan

On Staten Island, someone has found a quiet corner to call home, temporarily. Why don't we have enough resources to house everyone? Why have to claim this spot? it's in a remote corner of the Ferry Terminal building.
Scenes from Staten Island ...

There's a bay on the other side of this wall, and on the other side of the bay is New Jersey

Ridgewood recycles. Scenes below from Ridgewood as the B38 rumbles along.

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