Saturday, October 4, 2014

"I spy with my little eye"

these are everywhere - green taxis for the boroughs

the Cedar Tree Garden on Greene and Franklin, Clinton Hill

I have to hang out to make sure this woman is being treated alright by the cops. I think they're trying to help her rather than trying to harass her.

This is what I got for $17 at the Hattie Carthan Farmer's Market.

Yoga font spotted on Fulton Street near Nostrand Ave.

Recycling digital and electronic items, Marcy Ave.

An old snow cone vendors cart with Mexican tchotchkes and flowers.

time for photos of autumn in the park - Von King Park, Brooklyn

the house that formerly was covered in blue (see post from about a week ago)

the corner of Lafayette & Nostrand Aves. - busy!

The jury-rigged building on Lafayette & Nostrand - endlessly fascinating to me the way the occupant is re-fitting the ground floor facade to suit a not-immediately-apparent function.

the jury-rigging, close-up

I love this cat.

relaxing at the Civil Service (used to be the Tiny Cup) on Nostrand at Clifton, Brooklyn - could be the last warm day we have for a while
the Dutch style wood frame house with a brick ground-floor extension, Quincy Street, Brooklyn

Early morning, Von King Park

what's it all about, Alfie?

This house used to be the haunt of a couple of neighborhood junkies. Then the cops raided the house and the junkies are gone, and the house is literally falling apart. Van Buren Street.

Please fix this up! Van Buren Street.

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