Monday, April 14, 2014

Begin at the Museum of Modern Art and End at a Tiny Gallery, #F17 on Broadway Below Canal St.

10 photos taken at MoMA: emphasis on right angles, rectangular planes, and super-clean lines; + workers in the MoMA garden cafe.

I was trying to boil some eggs and lens fogs up, giving the kitchen a soft focus. Movie, below, documents the process.

Bed-Stuy workplace

a bit of kindness, two women walking down DeKalb Avenue

and a bit of compassion needed here

waiting for the bus

and the colors, reflections, angles and lights once I'm on the bus 

workplace at Lafayette and Flatbush. They're building a skyscraper here.

Easter comes to Greenpoint

A discount variety shop bringing it's colors to the street, Greenpoint

a beautiful round-cornered yellow brick former bank, Greenpoint - this type of building once represented the strength of local economies 

and luscious looking books, albeit in Polish, Greenpoint

accommodations at the Zen Mountain Monastery, Mt. Tremper, and below, the monastery and some of its immediate grounds

feeling zen (is that oxymoronic?)

a frozen pond at the monastery, beginning to thaw in the warmth of early spring

Woodstock, same as ever.

Port Authority Terminal

New Deli on Lafayette at Nostrand Ave., right at the B38 bus stop. Handy!

the trash train

A story that's 500 years old, painted on a Williamsburg storefront

and the Van Buren Street Block Club is renewed and ready to initiate a monthly block cleanup - lots of fun, donuts, brooms, neighbors, and kids

and someone left this item to decorate a grassy plot - it's so awful that it's wonderful

at an opening on lower Broadway, #F17 - a tiny gallery

this is just the elevator area

an accident near the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge - but we were going by so fast that it's a blur

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