Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's been a while . . . from late Winter into Spring, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and a bit of the highway from Baltimore to NYC

A painting of Anne Hathaway, apparently, at the campus shuttle bus stop at the College of Staten Island CUNY

these first three images are from the AOL office building on Broadway -- the lobby lit up on two different nights, and the longest couch I have ever seen

two piles, three photos,  of makeshift ugliness, not without humor, on the College of Staten Island campus

some food on offer - at Cinnamon Girl cafe on Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, from the Staten Island Ferry canteen, and from Scratchbread at Bedford and Lexington, Bklyn

signs of the subway

cotton candy vendor's wares on the A train at Hoyt St.

the No. 1/A/C train station at 168th St. on the West Side shows some fine tiling and gracefully arched doorways and tunnel-ways

this doorway used to be dirty, presenting itself as a slum, but one evening I walked by and it had suddenly been transformed into a nice place to come home to, with a new light fixture and a carefully placed abstract painting to greet the resident and visitor alike

a tall old building on Broadway near 11th Street - notice the beautiful windows

looking out at Lady Liberty as the Staten Island Ferry rolls on
exiting the subway at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn . . . too many lights! 

the widest intersection in Brooklyn at Atlantic and Flatbush

and also at Atlantic Center/Barclays Center, the humble and faithful  Spanish food truck

the yellow wall at the NSA supermarket at Throop and Gates, Brooklyn deserves two photos

a gorgeous sunset, looking west on Van Buren St., Brooklyn

three shots above from a rainy drive from Baltimore to NYC

waiting in line for healthcare at Bellevue 

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