Saturday, February 2, 2013

Foggy Day on the Staten Island Ferry

Starting out early in the morning, the Brooklyn street has a cinematic aura.
Getting onto the Staten Island Ferry, a quick look out at the pier below and the sea beyond.
A little tug boat that seems to be heading straight for the ferry, and below, three photos of Manhattan as we pull away from the landing.

Once on SI, the fog continues as MTA buses pull in at the St. George Ferry Building to pick up passengers.

On the way back to Manhattan, an incoming ferry passes us. The fog has lifted.

The lower tip of Manhattan Island with the new WTC under construction on the right. Who said it had to be even taller the the towers it replaces?
Unable to resist.
Disembarking -- next time I'll get a better shot, but the colors alone are worth it.

Inside the terminal and on my way to the R-Train, Whitehall Station. Oh - and the ferry is free.

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