Monday, May 7, 2012

No. 1: details 'n interstices (after Neil Goldberg)

A few train platform designs - where the stairs meet the platform.

The bright reds and still-clean whites of the new Metro-North trains.

Statue of U.S. Grant in Bed-Stuy where Bedford and Franklin Aves. finally meet.

The space between the street and the construction site is a large net keeping everything in place.

The view of Lincoln Center that was the frequent background of pictures my father took of my mother on their trips to NYC

Mixed messages in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

At the LoRimeR G-train subway stop. I liked the solution to creating the R's curves with carefully cut and placed tiles. Also notice the triangular tiles that create the slant of the R's leg.


No. 2: The Wilds of Connecticut


No. 3: The Wilds of Gowanus, Brooklyn

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