Monday, December 14, 2009

Various Spaces and Places

A pharmacist and his wares, NYC.

Art exhibit, Chelsea - Taylor Davis's sculptures.

Staircase, above, at Yale University Art Museum; below, at a Tribeca loft building.

Santa's at Grand Central.

Pizza parlor pugilists, E. 14th Street, East Village.

Outdoor lighting, 10th Ave, Chelsea

Store window display, to maximum effect. Me, transfixed by the multiplicity of ideas present.

Dirt...there you have it.

Mystery photo

A vegetable called 'Buddha's Hand', which I may not be able to cut open, cook or eat.

New Haven workplace, just after 5PM.
And three store window displays, below, New Haven.

Train station, above, and trains below, New Haven.

Cops in New Haven arrest a man who is saying "Tell me why I'm under arrest..."
They take him to the squad car and there he sits, in handcuffs, in the back seat.
Don't they have to tell you why they're taking you in?

Cody's Cafe, New Haven - the best place in town...

...where the portions, as well as the waitresses, are quite large.

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