Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gowanus, A Hospital That Shall Remain Nameless, and Nite Scenes from the Cell Phone

Night-time via cell phone, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

It's all green lights from here on out, apparently.


A trip to a hospital that dare not speak its name. The ante-room for xrays is empty, except of course for the person at the desk and myself behind the camera . . .

While the waiting room to see a doctor is full of frustrated people, some of whom have been waiting for hours . . . time for a change?

The staff's a bit over-stressed as well.

Then one wants one's prescriptions, but one must speak to the pharmacist through a tiny, lowered window, which forces one to speak in a bent down and bowed position. Overworked pharmacist on the other side of the bullet-proof plexi.

Then one can finally exit via the quite nice and spacious lobby.


The beauty of Lowe's, Gowanus, Brooklyn

And the rugged handsomeness of the Gowanus neighborhood itself.

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