Sunday, November 2, 2008

A day of errands and running around town.

Started the day off in Times Square.

Then at the 42nd Street subway stop, waiting for the train back to Brooklyn.
And back in the hood, to snap the Obama signs in store windows.

And Hallowe'en decorations...and the curious arrangement of stuffed animals in this front yard.Then back to the city to see what's on at the Guggenheim Museum. I got there right at closing time and only saw this projection on the museum's facade. This type of work makes me (1) hate museums, and (2) hate art and (3) hate artists who make work for museums.


Anonymous said...

Hey,this blog is a great way of keeping up with you (ish!). i especially agree with the last bit about the Guggenheim!
Margaret in Dublin xxx

Bluecat said...

hey margaret in dublin, thanks for comment! i knew someone out there knew exactly what i meant about artists and museums and light shows - smoke and mirrors. blog keeping me sane. gift of camera extending outward.