Friday, August 22, 2008

Perp Walk, Brooklyn

News crews assemble at the corner police detective agency (earlier posts show the detective agency in rain, snow and sunny weather).

I asked a member of the press what was going on. He said, "Perp walk." I knew it was about the person who had recently mugged about 15 old people on Washington Ave.

Local residents and passers-by begin to gather.

The suit takes charge.

Another suit. These guys usually dress in (obvious) undercover attire such as jeans and polo shirts. They can be spotted a mile away as undercover cops, even by the tiniest child. Today they looked sharp.

The building itself, such a gloriously strange edifice.

The media hounds wait.

The accused leaves the building, head down, surrounded by suits, and is led to a waiting unmarked police car.

The crowd is allowed to approach the car, surprisingly. Someone yells "Faggot!!" repeatedly at the accused.

The crowd applauds as the cars leave. There's a general atmosphere of a party. The people seemed as though they would have enjoyed a public lynching right then and there.

The talent goes over his lines.

The news chopper hovers noisily.

The satisfied, bloodthirsty crowd goes back to their mundane tasks.

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óscar said...

Beautiful pictures!!!