Sunday, June 8, 2008

Upstate, Duchess County, New York

A frog pond, the first thing my path crossed this morning, after the little skunk ran in front of me and into the woods.

Flowering bushes throughout this part of the woods create a sweet scent along the path.

Just a few pictures of a gorgeous place - common enough here but new and wonderful after spending months in Brooklyn (which is a city I love, but still...)

People get bored in the country and have to drink lotsa beer and smash the bottles against rocks. It seems to be a part of the culture here.

Looking towards the Catskill Mountains from across the playing field.

And further down the path, wildflowers are in bloom.

Then one of several streams that run under the pathway.

Another wildflower - anyone know what this is?

The path itself.

A patch of fern.

Now, heading back, once again passing the wildflowers.

Stopping to appreciate a row of pine trees.

Frog pond, once again, and this time I almost caught sight of one. I only heard the 'plop!' and saw the ripples in the water where the little creature had just jumped in.

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